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Put the Diversified Team to work for your Business with Professional Services!

  • Design & Layout
  • Mailroom
  • Inventory Control
  • Warehouse Service
  • Doc Shredding

Graphic Design
Logo Design
Business Cards
Newspaper & Magazine Advertisements
Custom Announcements
Custom Invitations
Sales Presentations
Product Sales Catalogs
Forms & Checks
Diversified Graphics, Inc. has a direct mail option that is a proven and cost effective way to help your business grow. We have the capability and flexibility to meet the demands of your mailing campaign. You save per piece on postage because of our presorting process. That means virtually no extra cost for you to let us do it for you. It may even cost you less. You are saving time, shipping charges, the cost of labels and the cost of manual labor to adhere the labels.

All of Your Document Security Needs:

- Tabbing
- Cass Certification
- Folding
- Usage of Indicia
- Political Data
- Inserting (up to 3 pages/envelope)
- Automated Standard Bulk or First Class
- Automated Addressing
- Database Purchase for All Types of Business
- Automated Print
- Sealing
- Printing
- Consumer Lists
- Saturation List
Even the largest firms wonder what product to order, when to order, how much to order, and where to store it. In addition, many firms reorder only when present supplies are nearly exhausted, resulting in emergencies for which they pay premium prices.

Let us help to organize a system for ordering, storing and timely delivery of your products by:

- Developing a library of all products
- Performing on-site monthly inventories
- Providing inventory status reports
- Evaluating what forms to order, when to order and order quantity
- Eliminating "Rush" orders
Based on your project needs, we can produce your products in volume for maximum economy. We then store them for you until needed, saving you valuable warehouse and storage space.

Diversified Graphics, Inc. will provide the following services under our warehouse program:

- Warehouse usage reports showing release dates, quantity released, balance remaining in warehouse and inventory value
- Drop shipments to multiple locations
- Invoicing options: Prepaid orders or bill as released
Diversified Graphics, Inc. offers quick and complete document destruction in a safe and secure setting protected by 24 hour camera surveillance and secured entrances. All employees practice the latest security measures and pass confidential background checks.

A certificate of destruction is provided via email or postal hard copy to give you reassurance that your documents and back up tapes have been completely destroyed. Items may be dropped off or picked up by secure transportation that we provide for you. Estimates are free.